By Charli Lundholm – Our Inner Wisdom

It is almost Spring! And after the winter we have had in Northern California, we are ready for it! My favorite part about Spring, besides all of the incredible flowers and colors, is the sense of newness in the air. That energy of vitality that says, “it is ok to dump the old stuff.” It is a time when we are supported to really do some Spring cleaning. Cleaning your home is one way to bring in the new and it can certainly make you feel good. But I’m talking about clearing out old energies, old patterns, old beliefs that no longer serve you. You know, those old stuck ways we do things out of habit.

waterfallSo how do we do that? The first step is to be aware. Take an honest look at what you are holding onto that isn’t a good fit anymore. What habits do you have that may not be to your highest good. Are you ready to let them gently dissolve and go away? Have you become overly critical of yourself or others? Have you turned into a Negative Nelly? Are you spending more time out of your heart than in it? If you answered yes, then it is time to make some changes.

Start by being conscious and being present. When you are about to say something negative, stop yourself and see if you can turn it around. Find something positive to say instead. If you have made a mistake and are about to say something like, “I am so stupid!” STOP and shift it, saying something like, “I’m just learning. I’ll get the lesson, or message and move on.” Our bodies listen to us so they hear every word we say, so be conscious of what you are saying. Be kind to yourself. Stop spending so much time on the guilt train beating yourself up. Basically, life is like school. We are here to learn.

Speaking of our bodies, how about giving them a Spring clean as well. Have some energy work done (Reiki, Healing Touch, etc.) or make a commitment to work on yourself. Treat yourself to a massage, or  a nice hot bath (a salt water bath is even better) are nice ways to Spring clean your body’s energy. Smudging with sage to clear our unwanted or stagnant energies in your home or office. Adding crystals or minerals to a room can clear the space of unwanted energies. Stones can bring in an energy such as love, calming or truthful communication to a room. Since crystals and stones can take energy on, don’t forget to give them a little Spring cleaning as well. See my blog on my crystal site Earth Gallery for more information: Clearing crystals of negative energy. 

What about your relationships? Are they supportive or draining? One sided or a nice balance of give and receive? Are there some that need to be cleansed from your life? Now is a wonderful time to take the steps to make necessary changes. Speaking your truth and doing what is to your highest good is an act of unconditional love for yourself. And when we are coming from that place of love for ourselves, we share that energy with the world, which has a positive affect on all.

Whatever needs attention, or needs to be cleaned up in your life, now is the perfect time. Spring is a time when we are being energetically supported to do this, so don’t hesitate!

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