Client Testimonials

I have been working with Charli for about 4 years, and she has helped me achieve more clarity and balance than any other health care professional I have ever worked with. With her assistance, I’ve cleared out so much “junk” that was holding me back, developed more self confidence, and learned to use that which is within me. I look forward to working with her as I progress even more toward reaching my potential.

C.F. ~ North Carolina

​I was nervous as I had never done any kind of energy work or readings before. As soon as we started talking, Charli’s down to earth personality really put me at ease. Then we started working and I was shocked at how much better I felt within just a few minutes. Really amazing.

A.T. ~ New York

I came to Charli when my energy was at a low point. I am an energy worker myself but just couldn’t seem to clear myself. As soon as we started working, I could see that the energy she brings in is so pure and that her work is very powerful. Deep change happens! All for the good. Really refreshing to see and experience. Our session was just what I needed to get recharged as well as learn some new ways to keep myself in balance.

C.W. ~ San Francisco

This was my first experience where the reader also got information that applied to her, and that was very cool.  As Charli connected to her forces, I could feel their presence and the energy in the room was very easy. You hear about psycho-therapists who themselves consult with therapists as patients, so this reading was like that for me. An intuitive seeking to consult with another intuitive. This reading clarified some cloudy areas in my life and I’m very grateful to have had it.

R.E. ~ Berkeley, CA

I was able to shift some major blocks to my healing path with Charli’s help. I couldn’t have done it without her. She connects to a deep level of information and healing energy. I’m so grateful I said yes to myself and made that first appointment.

C.W. ~ Santa Monica, CA

I contacted Charli after the death of a loved one. I just couldn’t get out of a funk. During our work I gained clarity and received guidance on so many levels. She did some energy clearing and I instantly felt better, lighter and more like myself again.

D.W. ~ Oregon

As a healer myself, I was completely exhausted when I called Charli for help. I had heard from other healer friends that she really helped them when they were overwhelmed by helping everyone else. She was able to instantly see what was going on with me energetically, finding the leaks and cords that needed to be removed. We did a lot of clearing (I say we because she encouraged me to participate in my own healing.) I felt so much better. Like a big heavy blanket was lifted from me. So happy to know she is there when I need a tune-up.

L.A. ~ San Rafael, CA

“As a seeker, when I am challenged in my life I ask; what is this pain, how can I heal and what can I do to untie this knot? Charli assists with Divine guidance to help me embody the inner attitudes, practices and energies that will allow me to move more deeply into my life. I’m informed by the experience of my healing, through active discussions about the problems that are inherent, and ways to transcend the more base instincts that are part of the human condition. With my mind and heart dusted off, the glimmer of the kingdom is within my grasp and I am grateful to have had excellent guidance and transformational healing.”

T.B. ~ Shingle Springs, CA