Awakening is not changing who you are,
but discarding who you are not.   

 -Deepak Chopra

So how do I work?

At the beginning of our time together, we’ll take a few minutes to discuss what it is you are wanting to work on. I like to start by getting a sense of your personal energetic state. Many times the energy around a person is chaotic or thick. Sometimes it is full of other peoples energy, making it difficult to see the true energy of the person I am working with. If this is the case, we start by doing some clearing.

From there it depends on what you are wanting to work on. I will look at the energy throughout your body and see where there are blocks or constriction. I will channel guided information as to what the energetic cause may be, as well as how to clear it. Usually the body will let us know what it needs to heal. I will share with you any other messages that come through.

This is not a one person show. Your participation is vital in discovering and releasing what needs to go. This can happen in the form of communicating with me as to what you are experiencing, using visualization, breathing and different releasing and energizing techniques. It is very empowering taking charge of your journey. I am a facilitator, you are doing the healing.

What I usually hear after a session is that people feel better, lighter, clearer and more balanced. People have experienced reduced pain, improved health, returned vitality, lighter moods, a sense of joy and connection to purpose.

All of this can be done no matter where you are in the world. I understand that energy knows no boundaries, yet I am still amazed how working with someone thousands of miles away is as powerful as if they were right next to me in the same room.

How many sessions will I need?

I wish I could give you a set in stone number of how many sessions it will take to shift whatever it is you want to work on. Sometimes I work with people once. Some people work with me weekly, others once a month, while others just contact me here and there. I can’t give you a guarantee, as no healer can. There are layers to healing, and you use your own intuition to decide how you want the journey to go.

How long is a session, what will it cost, and how does it happen?

Our time together can be 60 minutes or 90 minutes. Many times the extra half hour of the 90 minute sessions comes in handy but for some, an hour is plenty. The 60 minute sessions are $120 and 90 minutes are $180. Please see the “work with me” page to book a time.

The sessions are done via zoom, skype, facetime or by phone. What’s beneficial about this is that you get to have the session in the comfort of your own home, which is really nice. It gives you time to integrate the energy and information. There is no having to leave an office after energy work and go out into the bustling world.

Do I need to do anything special beforehand?

Do your best to come to our session as calm as possible. You will get the most benefit if you can be totally present, without distractions. I also advise that you don’t want to schedule this on your lunch hour and then try to go back into a busy work day. Give yourself the time and space to be open to this work. Allow for some quiet time afterwards. Being hydrated also helps before and after.

Have an intention of what it is you are looking to work on. Be aware there may be feelings of resistance as the appointment nears. This is normal. Just breathe and remember there was a reason why you made the appointment. Your intuition was at work, so honor that.

What about after the session. Any special instructions?

After a session, you may be tired and want to take a nap. For many, this passes within about 10-15 minutes and then they feel energized. It varies person to person. Hydration is beneficial. If you are feeling a bit spacey, grounding is good. You can eat crunchy foods, salty foods or protein to help bring you fully back into your body.

Honor your body and listen to what it wants. If it wants more rest, give it to it. If it wants to stretch or go for a walk, do that. This is your time to really listen to YOU. Journaling can be good as many things reveal themselves when we write, and you may get some a-ha moments.

Taking epsom salt and/or sea salt baths can be helpful. They help to support the physical body after deep release work.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.