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Charli Lundholm

My interest in alternative healing goes back many years. As an RN, I got to see firsthand how Western medicine focuses on relieving symptoms without really looking at the whole person and discovering the root cause of an illness. This philosophy has its place if you have an acute problem, like a broken bone. But for optimal wellness, we need to heal on a deeper level.

I was introduced to Reiki over 30 years ago when a friend offered to work on a neck injury I had sustained. I was amazed at the heat and energy I felt coming through her hands. The pain and stiffness went away within minutes. Minutes! What really struck me was the simplicity of it. There were no special machines needed, no pills to take, no ointments. Just hands. And intention. It could be done anywhere, at anytime, on anyone. I was in awe and wanted to learn all I could about this wonderful healing modality. I dived into the world of energy healing and never looked back.

I was fortunate to train with a Reiki Master with a very pure lineage to the original teachers of Traditional Usui Reiki, who was an incredible healer. I worked with him for first, second, and third degree Reiki, later taking the year long Reiki Master course. Those years of training taught me so much about energy and how it flows and nourishes the body. I started my healing practice, continuing to learn more and more about energy and what to do when there was a lack of it.

Being clairvoyant since childhood, conscious and unconscious channeling was something that came naturally to me. Incorporating my intuitive work into my healing practice made the work much deeper and more effective. While working with people, I began to get a lot of information and guidance regarding what was messing with their energy. Emotions, thoughts, experiences, and beliefs were, most times, the culprit. These could be from childhood or from last week. It amazed me how a single thought or memory could impact our energy, thus our health, in an instant.

I began working with people who did energy work themselves but were out of whack, unable to maintain their own energy as they helped others. I started to be known as the healers healer. While doing reiki treatments was a large part of my practice, I was wanting to teach people how to help themselves. So I shifted away from doing treatments and focused more on teaching, doing one-on-one training, group classes and long distance group healing.

At the same time, the wonderful world of crystals and minerals made itself known to me. Rocks had always been a love of mine, but their ability to help us heal was new to me. I began the never ending journey of learning about stones. I was so in love with the stones that I wanted to bring crystals and minerals to people who needed them. This turned into a new career for me. I stepped away from being a nurse, choosing to focus on alternative healing instead. It felt more in alignment with who I was and how I thought I could best help people. Over the following 12 years, I opened numerous metaphysical stores in California and Hawaii. Now, my stone business is strictly online at EarthGallery.com.

Fast forward to today, 30 years since my initial introduction to energy healing. In that time I have been a healer, a teacher, a channel, a business owner, a wife, a mom, a partner, a podcaster, and a writer. In a nut shell, I am a fellow traveler of yours, on this interesting journey called life.

I’m here for those who desire to live their lives as their true selves. For people who want to explore what they are allowing to get in their way. I’m here to help during this time of transition because our personal transformation has a positive affect on the global transformation. I believe we can create the world we want when we come together from a place of clarity, wholeness, and connectedness.

I was amazed to discover what the core reasons were behind my ailments. Things I hadn’t thought about in years were having an impact on my health. Once Charli helped me identify them, we were able to release them. I instantly felt lighter and my pain decreased. It is an adventure learning about yourself and I am grateful to have Charli as a compassionate guide on this journey.

R.D. ~ California

Charli’s work is very deep, yet she does it in such a supportive and caring way. I always feel very nurtured and safe. We have done some very intensive healing work that has made a tremendous change in my health and outlook on life! I wasn’t sure about doing this kind of work over zoom, but I feel it was just as powerful, if not more so, than meeting in person.

C.W. ~ Illinois

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