Our Inner Wisdom Podcast

This is not your usual spiritual podcast.

Yes, we will talk about ways to navigate this crazy world in a more balanced and connected way. There will be channeled information, short meditations, and discussions on a variety of tips and tools to help you on your journey.

And there will be other features as well, such as Cosmic Cocktails where two friends sit down with a nice beverage and talk about all things spiritual.

People Chat will be an opportunity to hear how other people deal with this wonderful and sometimes challenging life from a spiritual perspective. These are folks who haven’t written books, probably aren’t famous, but who we can learn a lot from when we take the time to listen.

Stone of the Month will be about how to utilize the healing aspects of crystals and minerals.

Spirituality doesn’t need to be so serious! Not that we won’t take some deep dives here, because we will. There will also be lightness and humor.

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