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Available Meditations

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Monthly Global Meditation:

We know our world is in a major shift. We want to help, but what can we do? Where do we start?

We can start by coming together and sending energy to the earth and all who live upon her. When a group of people come together and focus healing energy, light, love and compassion to a person or city or nation or the world, it is powerful. It has been researched and studied and the results have always shown that we are powerful when we join forces. We create change.

This monthly meditation is held on zoom and there is no cost. I only ask that you show up with an open heart and open mind. This is a time to be an open source of Universal energy to help heal our world. 

To join in on this monthly meditation, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will send you the Zoom link. There is a comment box where you can let me know you only want information on the global meditation. That way I won’t send you our newsletter or other emails unless it is related to the global meditation.

Reduce Anxiety Meditation:

The last few years have been causing a lot of people to live in a perpetual state of stress and anxiety. This can take its toll on our physical vitality as well as our ability to see the positive in our lives. The good news is we have numerous tools to help us reduce the anxiety and get more in balance.

Let’s turn the volume down on the stress and start enjoying this life.


“I am Light” Meditation:

 If you have fallen off your spiritual path, or maybe just need a little light infusion, this meditation is for you. Join me as we relax into remembering who we are at our core, that we are light, we are love. And then let’s share that with the world.


“Love Your Body” Meditation:

 Our bodies do so much for us every second of every day. Trillions of cells carrying out trillions of functions daily, solely for us to be here, to be alive. How fabulous is that?

Do we thank these magnificent vessels that house us? Or do we complain about it or ignore it all together?

In my practice, I have seen time and again the power of shifting the disregard we have for our bodies to love and gratitude. Our bodies crave acknowledgement and this meditation is a great starting point.


What Clients Say

“I was nervous as I had never done any kind of energy work or readings before. As soon as we started talking, Charli’s down to earth personality really put me at ease.

Then we started working and I was shocked at how much better I felt within just a few minutes. Really amazing.”

A.T. ~ New York

“I was able to shift some major blocks to my healing path with Charli’s help. I couldn’t have done it without her.

She connects to a deep level of information and healing energy. I’m so grateful I said yes to myself and made that first appointment.”

C.W. ~ Santa Monica, CA

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