Connect ~ With Who You Truly Are...

Heal ~ What No Longer Serves You

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"It's Time to Remember Who You ARE"


Our Inner Wisdom

We all have our own inner source of knowledge and guidance. Yet few of us were ever taught about it, let alone how to access and trust it.

Now, more than ever, we need to be able to tap into this source of energy, information and support: Our Own Inner Wisdom.

Online Classes

Whether you are on a healing journey, or just looking for help during these times of change, you’ll find support and guidance in our classes and events. Explore ways to help you remember who you are at your core. Experience tapping into your own inner wisdom. Learn to release old issues that hold you back. Delve into guided healing meditations. Participate in global peace gatherings.

All classes are virtual so you can attend from the comfort of your own home.


This is not your usual spiritual podcast. Yes, we will talk about ways to navigate these interesting times in a more balanced and connected way. But spirituality doesn’t need to be so serious! Not that we won’t take some deep dives here, because we will.

You’ll hear channeled information, short meditations, and tips and tricks to help you on your journey. But there will also be lightness and humor with features like Cosmic Cocktails, People Chat, and Stone of the Month.

Energy Work

When you are on a journey of physical, emotional or spiritual healing, identifying the underlying “why” is such an important part of that journeys success. When the core issue is brought to the surface and healed, its grip on you can release, allowing your beautiful energy to flow. Proper flow and balance of your energy is vital to your overall well being and healing.

I assist you in releasing the “why” while using energy healing to restore vitality and optimal wellness.


I have been working with Charli for about 4 years, and she has helped me achieve more clarity and balance than any other health care professional I have ever worked with. With her assistance, I’ve cleared out so much “junk” that was holding me back, developed more self confidence, and learned to use that which is within me. I look forward to working with her as I progress even more toward reaching my potential.

C.F. ~ North Carolina

​I was nervous as I had never done any kind of energy work or readings before. As soon as we started talking, Charli’s down to earth personality really put me at ease. Then we started working and I was shocked at how much better I felt within just a few minutes. Really amazing.

A.T. ~ New York

I came to Charli when my energy was at a low point. I am an energy worker myself but just couldn’t seem to clear myself. As soon as we started working, I could see that the energy she brings in is so pure and that her work is very powerful. Deep change happens! All for the good. Really refreshing to see and experience. Our session was just what I needed to get recharged as well as learn some new ways to keep myself in balance.

C.W. ~ San Francisco

About Me

In the 30 years since my initial introduction to energy healing, I have been a channel, a teacher, a healer, a business owner, a wife, a mom, a partner, a podcaster, and a writer. In a nut shell, I am a fellow traveler of yours, on this amazing journey called life.

I’m here for those who desire to live their lives as their true glorious selves, free from the old stuff that has held them back. I love helping people discover how truly powerful they are, and that they have the ability to heal and grow on so many levels.  I’m also here to help during this time of transition because our personal transformation has a positive affect on the global transformation. We can create the world we want when we come together from a place of clarity, wholeness and connectedness.

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