By Charli Lundholm

I have a simple question for you today…are you taking good care of yourself? Are you taking good care of all aspects of yourself? Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? If you answered yes, then we tip our hats to you and say congratulations! If you answered no, then now is the time to make some small changes to help support the many facets that make up you, the whole you.

What can you do to support the physical you?

  • Do you need to alter your diet?
  • Do you need to get out into the fresh air and move your body more?
  • Drink more water?
  • Get a massage?

How about mentally?

  • Perhaps a few minutes of meditation would be nice, or reading that book you’ve been wanting to read.
  • Taking a class or learning something new is a good way to give some TLC to your mental side.

For your emotional side, is there something that needs to be changed in your life to give you more emotional happiness?

  • Is there a relationship that needs attention or a change?
  • Are you speaking your truth and asking for what you truly desire?
  • Are you getting your needs met?
  • Are you staying heart based during the day or are you zipping in and out of your head and ego?

Are you content with your spirituality?

  • Have you been wanting to learn more about your own spiritual connections?
  • Perhaps you have wanted to dive deeper into what your spirituality is, or move onto a different path altogether.
  • Finding a like-minded community can help.
  • There are plenty of books and websites on the subject.

It doesn’t take huge changes to make a difference in your life. Many things you do for one aspect of your life can also help fulfill another. Taking a walk supports your physical body but can also calm you down (aiding the emotional side) and help clear your mind (helping the mental) while getting you in touch with nature and a place of gratitude (supporting the spiritual side.) Four benefits in one action! Multi-tasking at it’s best!

I invite you to take a look at what needs TLC in your life and then dedicate some time to making those small changes that can have a huge impact on your well-being. You are so worth it.